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Medicare Prescription Plans - We're Here To Help (and it's FREE)

During the open enrollment period, Mark's Pharmacy can help you sort through your options in choosing the best Part D plan for the coming year. We can explain your options and, using information supplied by Medicare, provide you with the best choices. From Oct 19 - Dec 7, come visit at:

  • Indianola: Indianola Library on Wednesdays 6PM-8PM
  • Beaver City: Senior Center on Wednesdays 9AM to Noon
  • Oxford: Oxford Clinic on Tuesdays 9AM to Noon
  • Cambridge: Mark's Pharmacy walk-ins accepted any time during normal business hours
  • please bring your red, white and blue Medicare card and a list of your current medications, OR your medication bottles. This is a FREE service we offer to help you maximize your Medicare benefits.
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Meet Your Pharmacist

Mark McCurdy, RPh

Specialized Services:

  • Diabetes Monitoring and Education
  • Health Screenings
  • Medication Management

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