Med Boxes

Do you take more than 4 medications? Are the quantities and times different for each item? Do you sometimes forget to take a dose or repeat a dose that was already taken? If so, you are not alone. We regularly hear stories of recurring symptoms or side effects, due solely to innocent mistakes when taking medications.

To help, we provide different packaging options tailored to your specific needs. With this service, you and your doctor know exactly what medications you take and when you take each medication.

Our Med Box Service provides clear benefits, including:

  • All of your prescription, vitamin and supplement information is in place easily accessible for you and your doctor.
  • You and your caregivers are confident that medications are taken as you and your doctor have planned.
  • Each dose of medication is clearly shown when it is to be taken. You immediately know if a dose has been taken.
  • Instead of having to open several bottles, only one container needs to be opened for each med time.
  • Enhanced security. You will know if tampering has occurred with a medication.
  • Medications are easy to take with you, particularly to doctor visits.
  • Opportunity to simplify your med list with medication reviews.
  • Compliance is monitored with feedback to doctors and caregivers as needed.
  • Communication is vastly increased and improved for patients, doctors and specialists.
  • Stay independent in your own home environment. Many nursing homes and assisted living admissions are due solely to medication misuse.

We offer this service free to our customers.

If you or your loved one is interested or could benefit from this service, stop by or contact Mark's Pharmacy. We will provide you with details on this service that can make a real difference on your overall health and well-being.